Real-Time Networks With Riedel Communications

When the word live broadcasting is mentioned, large OB trucks, cables and cameras immediately come to mind. Be it sports events like the Olympics, international festivals like Wacken or live broadcasting spectacles like the Eurovision Song Contest, not only image and sound have to be transmitted, but also communication between athletes, referees, presenters or directors. All this requires sophisticated technology and know-how. This is offered by Riedel Communications, which has been developing, manufacturing and distributing future-oriented real-time networks for video, audio, data and communication in broadcast, event, theater and industrial applications for decades.

Perfect communication with Interkomms Artist and Bolero

The success of large events and live productions is based on reliable and effective communication. Professional intercom systems are used for this purpose. Reidel Communications offers the right solution for every event.

While Riedel's expandable matrix platform Artist is the suitable communication solution for more complicated fixed installations and projects, the Wireless Intercom Bolero is suitable for smaller and larger events such as festivals where, for example, radio equipment needs to be integrated.

Riedel relies on a decentralized concept for its intercom platforms: The matrix frames can be placed exactly where they are needed, which drastically reduces cabling and setup costs. Both Artist and Bolero thus offer customers a high degree of scalability and reliability.

Decentralized video infrastructure with MediorNet

With MediorNet, Riedel Communication offers a decentralized approach to video infrastructures by combining signal transport, routing, processing and conversion in a redundant real-time network. MediorNet offers all the advantages of distributed, software-defined hardware.

In doing so, MediorNet enables the transition from traditional SDI to offering full IP solutions with a range of innovative SFP-based technologies, intelligent signal interfaces, processing modules and processing hubs.

Another advantage of the MediorNet system is the use of existing infrastructure. This means that audio and video can be rooted via existing networks.

Live productions with Simplylive

The success of Riedel Communications lies in its flexibility. The company does not close its mind to new technologies, but embraces them and develops them further. With the pandemic, large events could not take place and yet the need among people was just events and entertainment non-stop. Hybrid Events came to stay.

Riedel also takes this development into account with its Simplylive Production Suite. Simplylive is a software-driven live production platform that is compatible with all common video formats (SDI, NDI, etc.) and can be migrated into the IP and cloud universe.

The software is a modular solution that is tailored to different tasks, such as slow-motion playback, master recording, streaming and referee review. It can be individually and flexibly scaled up to an all-in-one production solution that offers everything needed to create a show.

Simplylive makes it easy to combine live and streaming for hybrid events and high-quality production.

Specialists wanted

The concept of Riedel Communications has been successful. The company had an excellent year last year, despite all the political and economic challenges. And this will continue, because the demand for (major) events is there and will remain.

Therefore, Riedel uses Prolight + Sound not only to present their solutions, but also to search for personnel. The company is growing and needs people with a passion for audio and video technology.

Anyone who wants to get to know Riedel can do so at Prolight + Sound in Hall 11.0.

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