Shadow Play with ETC

Shadow Play

A flying bird, a rabbit, a wolf: who can forget making shadow puppets as a kid with just your hands and the bedside lamp? The creative minds behind the show Shadowland have taken the idea behind this simple childhood game and run with it. Combining shadow play and modern dance, members of Connecticut-based dance company Pilobolus cast silhouettes of elephants, faces, buildings and even cars with their bodies with a little technical support from ETC.

For the past four years, the Shadowland team have sworn by lighting from ETC, including numerous conventional Source Four spotlights and Gio and Ion consoles. “The Gio is the best console ETC makes for touring. All I need to do is to connect my switch. It is so compact that I can carry the console to the stage by myself in order to do my settings,” said Shadowland operator Kyle Gavell.

To ensure the perfect combination of light and shadow, more than a hundred ETC Source Four spots are being used on the current tour of Germany. The fixtures produce the sharp edges needed without projecting excess light onto the show’s reflective screen. The crew had nothing but good things to say not only about the intuitive set up and operation of the ETC equipment, but also their excellent customer service. “Wherever you are in this world, ETC is always nearby. Whenever we have a question, ETC is there to help,” said production manager Jorge Delgadillo.




Picture sources: Emmanuel Donny

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