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Smoke Factory is a company that has been developing high-quality vaporiser fog machines for a wide range of applications for over 30 years. With Smoke Factory fog machines you are always perfectly equipped and can be prepared for any situation. Smoke Factory's many years of experience and commitment guarantee that you will always receive an excellent product. Whether you are working for a stage show, a film or any other event, with Smoke Factory fog machines you can always count on an effective and reliable solution.

Fog machines are designed for continuous use

Smoke Factory attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and therefore supports you with all questions and problems concerning your fog machine. With professional advice and excellent customer service, Smoke Factory is the perfect choice for anyone in need of high-quality fog machines. See for yourself and discover the advantages of Smoke Factory fog machines.

Benjamin Stocklöw - Smoke Factory

1.  This year, after two years of forced break, there have been more events again. How has your company perceived the past months?

We have noticed this change vehemently. The number of devices sold has increased extremely. However, this has also clearly shown us that supply chains are unfortunately not yet back to 2019 levels.

Despite an increase in order volumes and trying to stock more, not all equipment is consistently available in the warehouse.

2. What are your expectations for the industry in the coming years?

I hope that everything will settle back to a good level. Supply chains and also personnel are currently the biggest issues that most are probably struggling with at the moment.

3.  What is the importance of Prolight + Sound as an event technology fair for you?

PLS is very important. Since we only sell our equipment through dealers, the fair is the ideal point where we meet the end customers who use our equipment every day. We always collect important feedback here, which helps us to further develop the units and which also flows directly into new developments.
Of course, we also meet our dealers from all over the world in person here, which is extremely important.

4. Tell us more about the Tour Hazer II, what makes it so special?

The Tour Hazer II has been state of the art in our portfolio for several years. It has a 1500 watt heating element to generate the hazes and a powerful fan that can distribute the hazes far into the room. The built-in soft and hardware mechanisms for temperature control guarantee a consistently optimal vaporisation temperature for the Tour Hazer fluid, which was specially developed for this device.

With this combination, a sufficient amount of Haze can be produced with just one millilitre of fluid per minute. Besides the residue-free haze, the strength of the device lies in its very low consumption. One canister of fluid is sufficient for several club evenings and nights. Due to the case in which Hazer is delivered, it is possible to tilt it to almost any side and to operate it on this side. It can also be placed upright in a niche.

5. With regard to Prolight + Sound 2023: Can you give visitors a little foretaste of what to expect?

We have the now final versions of our two new devices with us. We are presenting the Fog Blaster and the IP Falcon. The Fog Blaster is a device that creates a CO2 shooter-like effect, but only requires fog fluid. The costs per show can thus be extremely reduced, as CO2 is much more expensive than fog fluid.

The IP Falcon is technically an IP64 version of our Spock fog machine.
Fog Blaster, as well as IP Falcon are equipped with new GPUs and displays, which gives us a much more responsive control software than the first touch display units we had.

Visit Smoke Factory in hall 12.1, stand B10. They are looking forward to your visit.

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