New Special Areas On Digital Media Networking And Camera Technology

This year, Prolight + Sound has once again expanded its range of products and topics in preparation for the leading trade fair in the entertainment technology industry in April 2023. With the new Future Walk, the trade fair will be offering an interactive area with an experiential character on April 25 to 28, 2023 in Frankfurt in Germany, which will present innovations relating to networked systems for event technology and broadcast applications. The focus is on network-based processes that will permanently change the industry in the coming years. These range from remote production to device-independent workflows and on-demand infrastructures. In addition, there will be a Camera Hub at Prolight + Sound for the first time. It forms a central point for camera operators, presents innovations from the field of moving image production and invites visitors to talks and workshops.

Future Walk: How innovative AV media technology is revolutionizing the event world

Modern networked systems have disruptively modernized event and broadcasting operations with flexible scalability, efficient workflows and new revenue potential. The new Future Walk area at Prolight + Sound maps new possibilities in IP-based broadcasting technology and shows how innovative solutions can optimize the planning, control and monitoring of productions.

Five stations on 250 qm

On more than 250 square meters, the area in Hall 11.0 offers five different stations where visitors can experience the systems distributed in the network in action. In addition, cross-system and cooperative networking will be demonstrated at all stations. The participating companies will make their components available directly via the network and provide exciting insights into the functionality, workflows and benefits of their solutions. The following stations are planned for the Future Walk:

The Network Distributed Media Processing station is dedicated to combining audio, video, and human control interfaces with stream manipulation services on the network. It will demonstrate how the individual components can be reassembled by breaking down monolithic solutions in the network to provide optimal control.

Less complexity and user-friendliness are made possible by the Device Independent Workflow. With the Multi Target Control Layer, users experience maximum ease of use. The station shows how different solutions can be integrated into a single, device-independent user interface and thus controlled with reduced effort.

The Hybrid Events and Remote Production station illustrates how components of a system can be operated independently of location using IP-based networks instead of wired connections. On display are innovative approaches to increasing the interaction of participants, reducing transport and travel costs, and optimizing job satisfaction.

On-Demand Service conquering the market

More and more on demand services are conquering the market and offering an alternative to traditional hardware. Investment in physical equipment is giving way to a licensing model. At the On Demand Infrastructure and Service station, visitors will learn how they can increase their cost transparency and test professional solutions without a long-term commitment.

The use of VR technologies opens up breathtaking areas of application in film production and events. The Interactive Stage and Mixed Reality Studio station presents groundbreaking control systems that bring the stage to life and enable realistic 3D simulations in the style of the holodeck known from Star Trek.

The solutions presented at the various stations culminate in the "Future Walk Livestream". This is produced by Nebucast, partner of the Future Walk, in the "glass studio" and is accessible on the web during the event. Every day, interesting content such as demos, interviews, performances and technological deep dives can be seen here. In addition, Prolight + Sound visitors can watch the live production of the stream and gather inspiration for innovative video applications by looking over the team's shoulder.

Camera Hub: Product overview and expert knowledge for TV professionals

With the new special area in hall 11.0, Prolight + Sound is giving moving image production a home. The center of the area is the "Look of the Future" exhibition, where TV professionals can get an overview of new camera models for use in TV productions as well as current LED lighting solutions. Also part of the Camera Hub is the "Speakers Area". Here, expert talks on industry-relevant topics will be held daily. The program includes talks on innovative technologies in the TV sector, the job profile of TV cameramen, and occupational health and safety. Also part of the program is a workshop that demonstrates the interaction of mask with camera and light. Here, visitors to the trade show can model themselves and receive a professional makeover from renowned makeup artist Nicole Stoewesand.

Representatives of industry-relevant associations and organizations will participate in the BVFK program, including the Interest Group of Independent Service Providers in Event Management e.V. (ISDV), the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the Pension Fund Rundfunk. In the product exhibition, visitors will experience the latest products from renowned companies such as Canon, Dedo-Weigert-Film, ETC, Fiilex, Lightpower, Panasonic, ProLycht, Rosco, Sigma, Sony, Sumolight, Teltec and Video-Machinery.

The Camera Hub will also house the exhibition stand of the BVFK and its members. The entire four-day program of the area is available at

For the realization of the new Special Areas, Prolight + Sound is working intensively with partners from the industry. For example, the Future Walk is being created under the expert leadership of MakePro X, one of the leading suppliers of high-performance control consoles for media technology in the network age. Other partners and exhibitors include key players and specialist suppliers such as ARRI, Broadcast Partners, Nebucast, Netorium, On Hertz, Panasonic, Teltec, Troikatronix, Universe and Zoom. Responsible for the Camera Hub is the Bundesverband der Fernsehkameraleute e.V. (BVFK).

All details on Prolight + Sound 2023 are available at

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