Strand Lighting Presents Lighting Console For Small & Medium Applications

Strand, manufacturer in the theatre lighting sector, has presented its new lighting console, NEO Compact 10. This more compact version of the NEO Console offers the power of the NEO software in a 10-fader lighting control console that is perfect for educational, theatre or church applications.

Use in small & medium venues

Strand NEO Compact 10The new lighting console is particularly suitable for use at trade fairs and in small and medium-sized venues such as theatres, schools, churches and live clubs. With its compact form factor and low weight of only 2.5 kg, it is the ideal solution for those who travel a lot.

"The combination of sophisticated features, quality-built hardware and small form factor makes the new NEO Compact 10 Console the most powerful lighting console in its class," said Fernand Pereira, Global Head of Marketing and Product Management, Vari-Lite and Strand at Signify. The new console offers all the capabilities of Strand NEO software, optimised for a smaller footprint, with seven different onboard effect engines and user-configurable buttons, faders and palettes.

Light show programmable at the touch of a button

The lighting control console is easy to operate via an internal 7-inch touchscreen, which allows a complete light show to be programmed at the touch of a button. It is also possible to add an external touch screen to take advantage of the full programming capabilities of the NEO software for more complex productions. Thanks to the integrated 10-button numeric keypad and command line support, the NEO Compact 10 offers fast programming of its advanced effects functions.

With its range of functions and compact size, the NEO Compact 10 can be used anywhere, be it on your front door, in a rack as a backup show control interface or on the road as a portable console. The console comes standard with four DMX universes (up to 2048 channels) and is upgradeable to ten universes (up to 5120 channels).

Hardware overview NEO Compact 10

USB control interface NEO Compact 10 PC Wing

In addition to the NEO Compact 10 Console, Strand also introduces the NEO Compact 10 PC Wing, a USB control surface. The accessories for Strand NEO PC are based on the same hardware design as the Compact 10 Console. The 10-fader USB Wing provides NEO PC users with the same 10-key numeric keypad for quick programming and a touch screen interface that allows users to quickly select palettes and groups.

With the NEO Compact 10 PC Wing and a laptop running NEO PC, users can easily program upcoming shows from anywhere or start a live production with tactile keys and faders directly from their laptop.

Pictures: Strand

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