Swiss Light Distributor EMC opens Showroom

The Swiss Light distributor and general importor Electric Claudio Merlo (ECM) has successfully opened its new location for showroom and training. Around one hundred people experienced product presentations, talks, and an entertainment program at the “open house” premiere in September.

Central location for light experts

EMC_OpenHouse_Scilla-HessWith the new showroom, the Swiss lighting scene receives a place where it can test products, participate in trainings and seminars, and network. For a while the was not easily possible because the Swiss light technicians and designers frequently had to travel far – usually from Germany. With the EMC showroom this is no longer necessary.

“With Zürich we have a central location. Nearly every Swiss lighting expert is here within one, two hours, and can be easily informed and educated,” Günther Wiedemann, Sales Director at ECM explained the central focus of the ECM project. “For us it’s all about being close to clients. With the new show and education spaces we have fundamentally improved, which has been greeted enthusiastically in the scene.”

“Real hands-on experiences”

Around one hundred lighting specialists attended the “open house” opening. Three live acts provided a great mood and a mix of jazz and pop got people moving. All the while, participants had the opportunity to take a closer look at the products, according to Günther Wiedemann. And not just “just from the catalogue, but with real hands-on experiences instead.”

Another room offers space to test the lighting consoles from producers including ETC and High End Systems. Beat Suter, lighting expert at the Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau, and extra-regional trainer for Swiss event technicians, was quite enthused. He stated the space was “well-equipped and ideal for training and networking courses.”

The distributor’s “open house” will take place annually. “Such a social interaction is important for our industry,” said Günther Wiedemann.

ECM has been delivering lighting systems and control consoles across Switzerland for over 50 years. As distributors for producers like ETC and High End Systems, it has excellent contacts with the leading producers and relies on a first-class product portfolio.

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