Together With Tent Dimension Against The Crisis

The Corona pandemic has shown that the demands on events held outdoors can also change rapidly. At the same time, the virus poses enormous challenges for government, agencies and health care facilities. Tent Dimension has expanded its range of services to include Corona-compliant tent structures. These can be used for rapid response in a crisis as well as for open-air events.

Various use of tent structures

The performance spectrum of the full-service provider from Mendig ranges from extensive hospital tents to functional medical tents and flexible container solutions. For example, standard tents can be expanded to ensure compliance with hygiene measures.

Corona extension tents can be integrated both on open spaces and on existing buildings. Available in various designs, the tents can be used for any event. From open air, to gastronomy, to mobile court tents - any type of event can be implemented in compliance with hygiene regulations.

By means of the tent constructions, premises can be extended and thus protective measures such as the 1.5 meter distance regulation can be guaranteed. At the same time they can be used all year round. In appropriate weather conditions, the tent is heated or air-conditioned by heating and air-conditioning technology.

If it must go fast: Corona emergency tents / emergency halls

If fast help is needed, Tent Dimension offers the possibility to realize their tent constructions uncomplicated and simple as emergency and medical tents. Thus, the tents and halls can be used, among other things, as examination ambulances or laboratory tents as well as quarantine stations. In addition, suitable recreation areas and registration stations are created and the tent constructions are equipped with various supplies such as protective devices in different variants, disinfection columns or separation systems.

However, the tent constructions can be used to create not only emergency tents, but also entire emergency hospitals. All typical rooms of a hospital can be implemented within the tent: from dormitories to single rooms with bathrooms, from registration areas to waiting rooms, treatment rooms to laboratories. As a purely temporary intensive care unit, an emergency tent clinic relieves hospitals of spatial bottlenecks.

Another special feature is that the structures are also possible as double-decker tents. Thus, different sizes can be realized.

Images: Tent Dimension

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