“The lights are lit …”

lights are lit"... Joy spreads in every room, sparkle light with a bright glow, everywhere joy should be found."- so it stands in the popular German Christmas song. Whether the verses are sung in churches on Christmas Eve or in your own four walls, they take on a special interpretation in the small village of Calle. Here "sparkle light with bright glow" is taken quite literally. To be exact, 400,000 lights glow on just one house in Lower Saxony.

The Vogt family has created the biggest Christmas house in Germany. Golden yellow reindeer, Santa Clauses with glowing red coats, trees in radiant green, glittering stars, blinking snowmen und many other things sparkle in the most diverse colors including the walls, roof and garden of their family home. Sensory overload! It would surely even make the "Christmas lights crazy" Americans marvel. No wonder that for years people have been standing open-jawed and speechless, when in front of the luxuriant lighting in Calle. On that note, sparkle light with a bright glow.

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