Times Square Home to World’s Biggest LED Display

LED-Tafel am Times SquareNew York’s famous Times Square has a new addition: a billboard that breaks boundaries. It is eight stories high and the length of a football pitch. Its almost 24 million LED pixels light up Manhattan’s fabled tourist destination - a total of 2,300m2 of deluxe advertising space. This makes Mitsubishi’s Diamond Vision display not just the largest video display in the world, but also the most technologically advanced: a true first.

LED Display with Innovative Diamond Vision Technology

The display makes use of Mitsubishi Electric’s cutting-edge Diamond Vision technology. With a 10,048 x 2,368 resolution, it outdoes even the new 4K ultra HD format by 15 million pixels.

Real Black™ technology guarantees a high-contrast image with rich, deep tones, ensuring that the image is clear from up close as well as at a distance, and from all viewing angles, even in bright sunlight.

“We have worked on a number of record-breaking projects, but working with this type of pixel density and installing it in a 24/7 live environment presented unique challenges,” said Mike Brosko, operations manager at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

“Times Square now has North America’s biggest and most awe-inspiring digital screen,” said Harry Coghlan, president and general manager of Clear Channel Outdoor New York, the company responsible for selling space on the billboard.

Interaction, Social Media and Live Streaming in Times Square

The giant screen also boasts a HD camera for capturing the crowds below, and can be used interactively, for social media, and live streaming.

“This innovative and thoroughly distinctive display establishes a new iconic landmark in Times Square while creating a powerful, value proposition for our advertisers,” said Coghlan. The billboard has already sold out through January 2015. The first advertiser to book the world’s biggest LED billboard was Google.

Picture source: Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

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