“Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience”

This completely redesigned multimedia exhibition immerses visitors in the world of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890).

Masterful art meets modern technology

In an unprecedented way, visitors experience the world-famous works of art as well as the life of the artist. With the help of elaborate light installations and projections, his paintings are brought to life on the walls of the exhibition rooms in oversized projections and video animations, combined with soulful melodies. The concentrated colorfulness as well as the details of Van Gogh's artworks are more tangible to the viewer than ever before.

What can visitors expect at "Van Gogh - The Immersive Experience"?

Become part of the scenery by entering the middle of "The Night Café" or immersing yourself in "The Starry Night." Many of his most famous works can be experienced in a whole new perspective. More than two million people have already visited the interactive art experience, and the exhibition has been shown in Barcelona, Paris, Brussels and Berlin, among other places.

Van Gogh - The Immersive Experience from COFO Entertainment on Vimeo.

At "Van Gogh's - The Immersive Experience" not only his more than 500 works are shown, the visitor also learns all kinds of background information and stories about the creation of the world-famous works of art. This includes, for example, the letters Van Gogh wrote to his brother during his time in the monastery.

What does immersive mean?

In an immersive experience, visitors are immersed in a multimedia illusion of images and sound. Thanks to an innovative 3D mapping projection system, the experience feels absolutely real, because the new technology allows content, graphics, videos or animations to be projected onto three-dimensional objects. Trees, mountains, cars or even buildings can become a canvas. The experience is rounded off with a perfectly coordinated background of music and sound.

image source: van-gogh-experience.com

Image source: van-gogh-experience.com

Become an artist yourself

Paint like Van Gogh for once - in the creative area of the exhibition, visitors can awaken the artist in them and create a "Van Gogh" themselves. The exhibition has paint, paper and painting templates ready for this purpose. At the end, visitors can marvel at their own work of art projected onto the walls of the room in all its uniqueness.

A day in the life of the artist, thanks to virtual reality

The "Van Gogh - Immersive Experience" ends with a journey into Vincent Van Gogh's past. VR goggles are used to take a closer look at eight of his world-famous works. Step inside Van Gogh's room in Arles. Walk across meadows, through the forest or the village and view the starry sky over the Rhone through Vincent Van Gogh's eyes.

image source: van-gogh-experience.com

Vincent Van Gogh - painter and draftsman

Vincent Van Gogh is considered the founder of modern art. With his nearly 900 paintings as well as over 1000 drawings, he is considered the most influential impressionist artist in history. However, Van Gogh became famous only after his early death at the age of 37.

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