New business segment for VisionTwo: UV-C disinfection lamps

Despite current circumstances new ways take - completely after this slogan the distribution assumption VisionTwo takes over the selling of a comprehensive product series of UV C disinfection lamps. Originally as exclusive selling partners for professional technology of different sections in Event, TV and theater at the market positioned, opens vision Two now a new business field.

The pallet of the offered UV-C products covers thereby particularly pollution free disinfection solutions, which are in particular lasting and resources-careful. The selling of the product series of UV-C disinfection lamps takes place under the name GoldenSea UV - derived from the light engineering producer of the same name and experienced GoldenSea.

React with foresight to the current situation

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Especially in the current situation around the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, hygiene measures are more important than ever before. In order to contain the corona viruses, effective instruments are needed that offer long-term alternatives rather than short-term ones. The effectiveness of UV-C light has been scientifically proven for several decades. It is therefore not surprising that UV-C light is used for disinfection, especially in medical facilities such as laboratories and clinics as well as in the pharmaceutical, water treatment and food industries.

VisionTwo takes over the distribution of the product series and sets thus a noticeable sign, how variously the use of the assortment is. Various possibilities of use of the products cover all ranges of the commercial as well as the industrial use. Whether in the hospitality and event industry, in fitness and sports facilities or also in public and cultural institutions such as cinemas, theaters or sales outlets - UV-C products are used everywhere. Very recent tests - such as those carried out by the Institute for Medical Virology at the University Hospital in Frankfurt - have already tested and confirmed the effectiveness with regard to corona viruses.

Effective for society

With the product range to the topic UV-C VisionTwo dedicates itself to the extensive topic of the disinfection of air as well as of surfaces. By the dry disinfection procedure with UV-C liquids or other substances are not used here. Beyond that it makes a chemistry-free UV-C disinfection possible without any residues or by-products. And that is it nevertheless, on which it depends: That the products offer a reliable hygiene protection and protect at the same time the environment - and thus the society in all its facets -.

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