WOW – Live Bodypainting!

At Prolight + Sound there is always a lot to discover. Every year, the exhibitors are trying to present new acts for the visitors.

Light and color

At the booth of ETC the guests of the Frankfurt Messe can get an impression of the interplay of light and color due to live bodypainting by world champion Birgit Mörtl.

Interview with Birgit Mörtl

How did you come to your profession?

A good friend of mine has brought me to this idea of starting bodypainting. I´ve always loved painting and drawing pictures, it is simply fun to try out something new and to be creative. The great thing about my job is that you always meet interesting people.

Do you have a special routine while painting?

This is quite different. If I am at a competition, I have, of course, thought about a concept beforehand and I know exactly what I want to present the audience. In my free time it is different, here I have no boundaries and I just can let go of everything.

What is your advice to upcoming Bodypainters?

You should bring a certain talent - otherwise just try out things and practice a lot. There is no secret recipe, but that is also the interesting thing about my profession.

If you want to see the arts of Birgit Mörtl live, then check it out at Hall 3 (at ETC) until 3 pm!

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