20 Years of GLP: Lighting Experts with Heart and Soul

GLP - Jubilaeum 20 JahreWhen Udo Künzer founded German Light Products (GLP) in 1994, he couldn’t have guessed that 20 years later, the company would be at the forefront of LED technology, and that devices from his ‘impression’ line would be at home on the world’s biggest stages – from London’s West End to New York’s Broadway. The development of one of the very first products, the Patend Light, lead directly to the breakthrough. The hybrid spotlight stood out due to its fast mirror movement and a large field of pan/tilt movement, fulfilling all market demands in one product.
The introduction of the Patend Light was met with a massive response, and further products soon followed, including MAX, Mighty Scan, Pocket Scan, and from 2007 the development of the successful ‘impression’ series. The spotlights were already being used in some notable productions including top-rated German light-entertainment show “Wetten, Dass..?”, filmed on Mallorca.

GLP: Regular Exhibitor at Prolight + Sound

GLP has just presented its latest product at Prolight + Sound 2014: impression X4L. It boasts 37 LEDs, and is the first product in the ‘impression’ series to feature independent control of individual lights. It also impresses with a new, extremely responsive zoom.

Standing still is the same as going backwards for the lighting company, so GLPs experts have worked on a wide variety of projects in the past, including contributing to the development of the goal-line technology now being used for the first time at the FIFA World Cup. The company is currently focusing primarily on LED technology. “We need a small light source, but one that is as bright as possible,” said Künzer. “That’s why we are developing our own optics instead of buying in the technology.” Trade visitors to Prolight 2015 will be awaiting the latest products from GLP with great anticipation – the Karlsbad-based lighting products specialist has much more in the pipeline, and GLP is looking ahead to the another fantastic 20 years. 

Picture source: GLP

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