6 Questions for: Nicolas Petit, Head of Marketing Music & Sales P. E. limited liability company

A fulminant comeback - After a one year break, HK Audio will exhibit again at Prolight + Sound in spectacular fashion. The interview was conducted by Gunther Matejka.

“HK Audio are presenting the largest package of new products in the last 10 years,” says Nicolas Petit, Head of Marketing at HK Audio. In the interview, Petit gives an insight into the marketing and trade fair philosophy of the pro audio company.

1) HK Audio will be exhibiting again at the PLS next year. What was the reason for this decision?

The main reason why we didn't have a stand at the Prolight + Sound in 2017 was that we created many MI products, such as LINEAR 3, LUCAS 2K and the second generation LUCAS NANO. Prolight + Sound is aimed primarily at customers from the professional sound reinforcement sector and not primarily at musicians - they are more likely to visit the Musikmesse, but there is no musician PA area at the Musikmesse. Conversely, the fact that we will be back in 2018 with a large stand in Hall 3.1 already leads us to the conclusion of what to expect from HK Audio next year?

2) What expectations do you have of your trade fair appearance - and which product innovations are the focus of attention?

The focus of our trade fair presentation is clearly directed at professional users of PA systems. But we will also present something new in the MI area. At PLS 2018 we will be presenting the largest package of new products that HK Audio has seen in the last ten years. Our expectations are correspondingly high, but of course our anticipation is also high.

3) What can you say about your stand concept at this time?

We will have a lot to tell, and you will see this in the stand concept. I can tell you that much. Incidentally, I am of the opinion that even a trade fair such as PLS can easily tolerate a little more entertainment within the trade fair concepts in order to make it as easy as possible for trade fair participants to make the first step on the stand. Especially in our industry.

4) Why is Prolight + Sound a good platform for your product launch?

A trade fair is always a good platform for a product launch if it manages to bring together the majority of a clearly defined market segment at a certain date. In the case of Prolight + Sound, for us these are above all professional sound reinforcement companies, the users of professional sound systems, our worldwide distribution partners and representatives of the international trade press. Prolight+Sound has done a lot of work here in recent years and has acquired this very decisive nimbus.

5) Which aspects speak for you - in addition to the product presentation - also for trade fairs in general and for DCS in particular?

In addition to product presentations, the idea of networking is always at the forefront of trade fairs. Nowhere else enables you to get a feel for current trends within an industry than at a trade fair. In addition to the conversations with customers, prospective customers and also critics, I personally always give myself a day at the fair to check out the competition and various competitors.

6) What changes in the trade fair concept do you like?

The merging of the two trade fair formats Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse in Hall 4.1 is an exciting approach - especially for suppliers like us with Pro and MI products. That is why we will also be involved in the "experience concepts". In addition to our main stand in Hall 3.1, we will also have a presence in Hall 4.1 with HK Audio.

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