Cameo – Presents New Series of Lighting Effects

Colorful and diverse – that’s the new effect lights from Cameo. Thanks to their highly refined technology, lighting technicians are able to create very special accents and an impressive light show. The manufacturer not only offers six new impressive lighting effects, but also practical combination solutions. With their help, specialists can now create the perfect scenario for every event.

These are new to the Cameo team

  • Serum
  • Voodoo
  • Ara
  • Eye-Eye
  • QuadRoll 40
  • Wayfarer

Making a choice is surely not easy with this broad palette, which is why we’ll present all products individually one more time.

Cameo Serum

With its 3-in-1 spotlight, this product combines Derby, Moonflower, and Strobe in one device. All the elements can be used individually or in a mixture of choice. In order to generate impressive Derby effects, the Cameo Serum is equipped with two 9 Watt RGB-LEDs. In addition, the 16 red, green, blue and white 5 mm LEDs provide the most intensive Moonflower effect of all. Able to be regulated between 0 and 20 Hz, the permanent strobe utilizes 36 white 5 mm LEDs for the right effect.


The Cameo Vodoo ties together Derby and Strobe. The product’s first effect functions on the basis of its 20, each with 3 Watts, RGBA LEDs with Single Pixel Control. It generates full colors with its assistance. In contrast, the strobe is generated with twelve white 1 Watt LEDs, with which the speed can be adjusted between 0 and 20 Hz.


The Cameo Ara not only sticks out with its three-arm construction, but even the strong Derby matrix effects make this product a “must” for lighting technology. High-performance Quad LEDs provide vivid RGBA colors.


The unites Derby and Matrix effects in one device. The 24 Quad LEDs can be controlled via DMX as needed, while they simultaneously generate strong color RGBA lighting effects.

QuadRoll 40

Equipped with four reflective barrel scanners and 10 Watt strong Quad LEDs, this product provides intense moving light effects. In order to increase performance, the scanners are driven by strong but low-noise stepper motors.


A special four-eyes Derby matrix effect – this is what distinguishes the Wayfarer with its 16 RGBA LEDs. Here as well, the whole construction can be controlled via DMX as needed. With a range of intense colors, the devise provides high-contrast light effects despite a flat casing.

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