Christmas goes Gangnam Style

Gangnam StyleThe tree is decorated and the presents are wrapped. Slowly the excitement of Christmas Eve is growing. In order to shorten the wait for all those of you who are impatient, we have compiled a "Best of..." the most unusual Christmas videos on YouTube. Electronics are not only one of the most wished for items, but are used more and more in Christmas decorations.

Lots of fun while watching... Hohoho!

25,000 LED lights dance to „What Does The Fox Say“

"What Does The Fox Say" is the YouTube hit of the year. Jay Perkins from Oklahoma has used the hit and seven others to turn 25,000 LED lights into a spectacular Christmas show. He told the TV station ABC15, that he began planning in August. He put up the first lights just after Halloween.

Christmas Eve in "Gangnam Style"

The South Korean Psy was the first person to crack the billion mark with his video on YouTube in 2012. This unusual  Christmas lights video "Gangnam Style" got four million clicks.

Angry Birds on a secret Christmas mission

"Help! The pigs are trying to boycott Christmas. Grab you slingshot and shoot the Angry Birds." With this motto and 20,000 lights, YouTube user kambaric 2011 called out to the internet community. His video has gotten more than 2,2 million clicks - cult!

Christmas for a good cause

This Christmas video, filmed in 2009 at a house in Darboy, Wisconsin, has almost four million YouTube clicks. The exceptional decorations support the Make A Wish Foundation.

sources: YouTube

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