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Experience ShoppingWho doesn’t like to use the comfortable advantages of online banking? The click “in my basket” is quick, the journey to the city center avoided and books, all kinds of electronic “toys”, shoes and much more are delivered right to your front door. While E-commerce continues to grow; the traditional commercial venues need ideas to make sure their customers keep coming back. An approach at solving the problem is called “Experience Marketing”.
“Experience Shopping” will soon play a central role in traditional commercial venues. Through events and interaction at the point of sale the consumer’s interest is awoken and his curiosity induced. This can be achieved through creative shop concepts, unique product lines, shopping events and exceptional customer service,” according to Sven Classen, chief executive of “Erlebnisbüro- die Markererlebnis GmbH”.

As a consultant at the Eventplaza, he believes in, “new impulses for exciting consumer events in commerce, for example at the point of sale.” “Shopping must become an emotional experience. Turn your store into a place of communication and experiences, and through  consumer events offer the customer an added emotional benefit,” incited Classen. How specifically does that work? You can get that information on April 11, 2013 at the discussion forum for Eventmanagement. The three day conference runs parallel to Prolight + Sound and is focused on the trends and strategies in the event industry.

[Bildquelle: Geschäftsführer Erlebnisbüro - die Markenerlebnis GmbH]

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