DTS: Lighting possibilities with NICK NRG 1401

For nearly 40 years DTS has stood for quality and technical innovation in the field of professional spot lights and multi-functional devices. The large majority of the individual elements are produced by DTS locally. This way every step can be supervised and optimally controlled. Customers received dependable quality with a wide scope of functionality. With its newest product, the NICK NRG 1401, the Italian company demonstrates what it can achieve in the field and in that way, builds on the predecessor NICK NRG 1201.

DTS convincing with wide spectrum of use

Equipped with 23 full-color LEDs, which can also be controlled separately, it is possible to evenly illuminate surfaces, but also create various visual effects. This is not least due to the front lens specially developed by DTS. At the same time, the clearly defined individual beams are an easy task for the spotlight. Mid-air effects and direct-view effects are only a few of the many possibilities the product offers during use in events of various sizes.

However, the device thanks its popularity not least due to its full colors and the regular color distribution. This guarantees spectacular light variations, according to the given occasion. Through the simple adjustment of the color temperature between 2,700 to 8,000K, lighting technicians can operate in a wide color spectrum. The spot light from DTS has a FPR system that enables seamless pan motion.
Technical info for NICK NRG 1401

We have gathered the most important info in order to receive a quick overview on the device:

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