engstKabel: Flexible Aluminum Cables Ideal For Events

engstKabel offers professional and industrial customers in many fields of application innovative products, which can facilitate the work considerably and reduce costs.

The company has expertise in both temporary and stationary power supply. The copper-free aluminum cables are particularly suitable for event technology because they are lightweight and flexible.

1. engstKabel's products support larger events, among other things. What are the advantages of your cable solutions?

In short, our cable solutions make work faster, easier and more cost-effective. We have electrical cables and wires that have a highly flexible aluminum conductor instead of the commonly used cables with copper conductors. We use aluminum because it is considerably lighter but also less expensive than copper. The cables are just as flexible as the copper cables normally used, but they are much lighter. Due to the lower price of aluminum, the cables are also more cost-effective.

Due to the lower weight of the aluminum cables, there is less transport weight and less weight to carry when laying out the cables. Of course, this is particularly important in the event sector, because there are often events where construction takes place on Friday and dismantling takes place again on Monday. If the cables are then between 20 and almost 50 percent lighter, depending on the design or cable thickness, then that is of course a considerable advantage. In addition, more cables can be transported on the truck. So there are many factors at play here.

2. Last year saw an increase in events after a forced break of two years. How did your company perceive the past years?

We were at Prolight + Sound for the first time in 2019, as we are a relatively young company that was only founded at the end of 2016. Basically, with regard to the last few years, we are glad that we are not only active in the event sector. During the Corona period, we didn't make any progress because demand in the event sector was naturally also considerably lower for us.

3. What are your expectations for the industry in the coming months?

We had a good response at Prolight + Sound last year and have already acquired customers there. But it is of course the case that initially the warehouses of all event companies are full, because no events have taken place for so long. This means that material is now available for the time being. So we naturally expect the demand for new cables to grow slowly for the time being.

4. What significance does Prolight + Sound have for you as an event technology trade fair?

Prolight + Sound is the most important trade fair for us in the event sector and of course also interesting because it is very internationally oriented. Due to the many visitors, also from abroad, it is of course a very good opportunity to make ourselves known internationally. That is very important to us at Prolight + Sound, that we can expand the contacts with our potential customers and are thus directly involved when more cables are purchased.

5. With a view to Prolight + Sound 2023: Can you give visitors a little foretaste of what they can expect?

Of course, the focus is on our ALUKAFLEX cables and especially on ALUKAFLEX Connect. Especially for the event sector, where many power generators are used, these are single-core cables with Powerlock compatible connector systems, which are our focus. Otherwise we have CEE extension cables in different colors and as a fair novelty the Powertwister. This is a handling device which helps to handle cable drums more easily on site.

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