Environmentally Friendly Events: Trend or Exception?

Falco Zanini

Falco Zanini

He has worked for the Rolling Stones and The Toten Hosen. Falco Zanini has been in the event industry for more than 33 years. At the Prolight + Sound Forum on March 14, he will shed light on the increasingly popular topic of sustainability.

Are environmentally friendly events becoming more important or are companies interested in sustainability still in the minority?

Zanini: The organizers by whom sustainability is truly important, are in my opinion in Germany still a small minority. Much too often a label is not concerned with every aspect of sustainability. This label is then presented like a monstance.

Is it financially worth it to be mindful of sustainability, or can you just call upon the ecological awareness of the organizer?

Zanini: If less waste is produced, the organizer saves on disposal costs. If less generator output is needed, you save money. If the employee is treated well, he works more efficiently, and even that saves money.

At events, is the success of the environmental protection measures strongly related to the number of visitors. How are such "sustainable" practices accepted?

Zanini: Here, I also see a huge discrepancy. There are wonderful initiatives like " Sounds for Nature", but in reality after some open air events, dozens of tents lie around, not to mention all the garbage. Often too much generator output is installed, which just putts along because those in charge die not get the demand they would need calculated by professionals.

Doesn't more sustainability also mean more effort?

Zanini: Sustainability doesn't weaken into environmental protection. My service is, in addition to my occupation, as a master for event technology, the occupational safety in the industry. Only with coworkers , who are treated fairly, can they operate sustainably. Everything else is window dressing. More sustainability requires you to rethink some things and in the beginning. some more effort, but that relativizes itself quickly.

Picture source: Falco Zanini

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