Gadget of the Week: Headphones light up in time to music!


What would life be without music? It can lift your mood and drive you on. Many of us take it for granted that we always have our music collections with us, either on an MP3 player or a smartphone. But what is everyone else listening to, what sort of music are they into? This is a question that usually remains unanswered. Until now. The team behind the Kickstarter project ‘Glow’ are changing that: they have developed glowing laser headphones, whose cables and earbuds pulsate in colour to the rhythm of your music, the game you are playing on your smartphone, or even your heart.

Headphone Innovation from San Francisco

‘Glow’ seems to have hit the spot for music lovers. After just a few days, the San Francisco project had collected more than four-times its funding goal. In fact, they currently have funding to the tune of more than $450,000! It looks like it’s full steam ahead for the planned July 2015 release date.
The first Glow headphones to hit the market will come in the primary colours red, green and blue. The headphone cable is equipped with a handy controller which can be used to adjust not only the volume on your music, but can be used to control phone calls, and music apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, and Pandora. It can also be used to control your smartphone’s camera, voice assistants like Siri, and SMS and messaging services.
The real pièce de résistance: Glow doesn’t just turn the rhythm of music into light impulses. The headphones contain a sensor which registers your heart rate, which can be played back in colourful laser light, just as can the sounds and signals from mobile games.
Remember, if Glow has grabbed your attention, you only have couple of weeks (until March 13th 2015) to back the project and get one of the starter kits.





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