Gadget of the Week: The Smart LED that Plays Music

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In the beginning was the idea: what if there was a light bulb that could not only change colours, but also play music – and all controlled via smartphone? Inventors in Atlanta have turned this idea into a reality and developed LightFreq. LightFreq is a light bulb that houses a 5 watt speaker capable of HD audio. Its LEDs provide full 360 degree coverage with 16 million colours, at an intensity of 800 lumens. A real wonder gadget, and one that has even more tricks up its sleeve.

LED – Packed with the Latest Technology

This little light bulb has everything your heart desires: music can be streamed over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and controlled using smartphone and tablet apps. Each smartbulb contains a microphone, turning it into an intercom. LightFreq can even be programmed to change colours when you receive an incoming notification. A further bonus is the follow me mode – LightFreq will play music from your smartphone in the room you are currently in, so if you equip your home with multiple LightFreq LEDs, you will never have to stop listening to your favourite music, whether you are in the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

LightFreq was made possible thanks to crowdfunding. $50,000 had to be raised before production could start – more than 1,000 backers have already pledged over $180,000 with 10 days left to go. More information – and the chance to back the project with your own pledge – can be found at

LightFreq: A Project with a Bright Future

Every year, Prolight + Sound plays host to exhibitors demonstrating the latest products and developments from the lighting, sound, and events communities. LightFreq has clearly got what it takes to make a big name for itself – this is a product that’s going to be making waves in the industry for a long time to come.

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