How does light affect your mood?

Light affects our mood

Every year, lighting makes up a big part of Prolight + Sound. Whether it’s beaming out from LEDs, spotlights, lasers, or some other source – light influences our mood and can provoke a specific emotional response. What exactly happens to us, though, and which colour is best for concentration, for relaxation, or for our biorhythm? OSRAM, the lighting manufacturer, has collaborated on numerous studies into these questions – with interesting results.

The right lighting helps you concentrate better

Sitting still and focusing on your work – not always easy, especially in the morning. With the right lighting concept, however, a lot can be done - for classrooms and offices, for example. A joint study by OSRAM and the University of Ulm’s TransferCentre for Neurosciences and Learning looked into the matter. Result: large lighting surfaces located above the test subjects, independently controllable and producing a blue-tinged light, along with bright ceilings and walls, had a positive effect on concentration and cognitive performance.

LED versus SAD

Stress, fatigue, anxiety – in winter in particular, problems can quickly affect our mood. Yet a study conducted by OSRAM and the University of Wuppertal shows how this can be avoided. OSRAM’s Dr Andreas Wojtysiak recommends getting plenty of light with a cool colour temperature - such as from fluorescent lamps or blue-tinted ‘daylight’ LEDs – for its invigorating effect. “In the evening, it’s better to use halogen lights or warm, red-tinged LEDs – they prepare the body for rest.”

Relaxed air travel with light designed for your body clock

For many people, flying is stressful enough in itself. Worse, there’s the lighting on board the plane, which plays havoc with our biological clock. However, a study carried out by Airbus, DIEHL Aerospace, the University of Wuppertal, the Fraunhofer Institute, and OSRAM, has shown that using LED lighting designed to complement our body clock sees long-haul passengers better able to relax and arriving at their destination fresher than passengers in aircraft with traditional lighting.

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