How Halloween becomes a light spectacle

While the Germans diligently carve pumpkins for Halloween, in the USA it has long become a tradition to decorate buildings with all kinds of (lighting) art. Each year at Prolight + Sound exhibitors present the newest lighting technology for shows, concerts and performances. However, it doesn’t always have to be a big event. In your own front yard you can make a big impression with animated lighting. Just as EdwardsLandingLights from Virginia demonstrates in his YouTube videos.

Once again, this year he did not have to be asked twice. Out of more than 8,500 lights, mostly LED and about 1066 channels for computer animation, he put together an amazing show. That, however, was not enough. To be able to “hear” the lights, as EdwardsLandingLights says on YouTube, visitors should turn on their radio, and then they can hear the light show music. Just see for yourself!

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