Lasergraph DPS – new user interface

The Lasergraph DPS from LaserAnimation has a new user interface. The device has already been on the market for many years and offers a popular solution to the controlling of laser shows. The controller is mostly used by professional users and event technicians. However, the Lasergraph DPS enjoys ever greater popularity, which is why it’s no surprise that the community of users is growing very fast.


The device was originally developed as a de-central processing unit, and does not transmit demanding system control data. The Lasergraph DSP functions independent of an additional control and is triggered by just a few complex control signals when running. Now with the new user interface the attempt has been made to find a contemporary design that is still oriented on the previous model.

However, the new features change everything:

  • They optimise the optics and simplify the handling of the software

Many application areas for the Lasergraph DPS

The Lasergraph DSP was even used on the main stage of Prolight + Sound industry fair in Frankfurt. But it hasn’t just been used for professional events, but also for various TV productions or festivals.

The main advantages of the de-central DSP laser controller are the fail-safe architecture and the excellent output quality – this kind of output is only possible due to the special setup: Every controller can run on its own and does not require permanent connection to the control computer. Everything is wired through LAN, but does not create heavy load on the LAN infrastructure, as the actual signal processing happens in the controller – which is a complete “computer” by itself".
Norbert Stangl, CMO Laserworld Gruppe

Users of the LaserAnimation Lasergraph DSP can attend free pro-training seminars, which are not limited only to the use of the software itself, but also cover the multiple interactivity capabilities with other devices.

Follow the link to a video of Prolight + Sound, where the Lasergraph was used live. Happy viewing.


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