LED-Innovations from Osram: Long Live Light!

LED-InnovationsWhen light diodes fail, then it is often because of one reason. The heat was too high, the light bulb is burned out. Lighting manufacturer Osram has developed a new LED, that is stable even in high temperatures. Olson Square, the name of the innovation, was optimized so that the depletion layer temperature could be raised. The lighting of large buildings, events such as concerts, trade fairs or other stage productions should be greatly improved.

LED manages temperatures up to 135 degrees Celsius

So that, even with high temperatures, the colors of all the LEDs in one light stay constant, they are measured and grouped at 85 degrees Celsius. This way exact information about the light flux and the color stability can be generated with which the properties of the product can be defined. The optimized temperature ratio brings about a better luminance efficacy. Through the allowance of a higher depletion layer temperature fewer large cooling elements are needed. This once again simplifies the lamp and lighting design, since they can be made smaller and less expensively.

Ivar Tangring, Product Development SSL at Osram Opto Semiconductor, explains the advantages of the Olson Square. " With our new conversion technology much thinner converter layers can be generated. The warmth is discharged much easier thru the thinner layers and allows the higher temperatures in the LED." Even at high temperatures in the LED, up to 135 degrees Celsius, the Olson Square can still reach a life of over 50,000 hours.

Just how well the new LED works in real life is being tested right now in a 6,000 hour test. The certification process for the long life standard LM-80 is underway. The first results are awaited this Spring. At Prolight + Sound 2014 Osram will once again be presenting their products in Hall 9.0.

Picture source: OSRAM

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