A12 Tunable White from JB-Lighting at the PLS 2013

A12 Tunable

Why do you as an exhibitor use Prolight + Sound 2013?

Stephanie Walloner, JB-Lighting GmbH: Prolight + Sound is the most important convention of the entire year for us. As a German manufacturer, it is and always has been extremely important for us, and we use the PLS as a way of fostering our existing customer base. Furthermore, the PLS has won international importance throughout the years. Therefore, it has become a popular destination for new customers. That’s why we also expect to establish new contacts in 2013.

You have brought a new gem, the A12 Tunable White, onto the market. What is different about it and which refinements does the LED spotlight have?

Stephanie Walloner, JB-Lighting GmbH: The A12 Tunable White is the first LED based wash light that is bright enough to replace spotlights with conventional lighting in rooms with high ceilings. One important advantage is that it is equipped with cold white and warm white LEDs which can adapt to the requirements of the colour temperature. Rental companies, who up until now, have had to replace the lamps in their conventional lighting for every demanding show, will be able to appreciate the qualities of the A12TW. Currently a large number of A12TW are being planned for use by various car companies at the Geneva International Motor Show.

A little look into the future: Which products will be featured at Prolight + Sound 2013?

Stephanie Walloner, JB-Lighting GmbH: We are staying true to our LED lights theme and will once again have many interesting innovations to show you.

Bildquelle: JB-Lighting

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