Fair Novelty And Live Sound With SRV Distribution

Trade shows are traditionally very good for launching new products on the market. So also this year at the Prolight + Sound. SRV Distribution presented the smallest and lightest 21-inch subwoofer in the world: the Voice Acoustic Paveosub 121.

SRV Distribution: “Presenting at the Live Sound Arena was very good”

The Dörverden-based company had already announced their trade show novelty in advance - without revealing what exactly they would present at the show. And this announcement aroused curiosity, attracting visitors and partners to Prolight + Sound. A special highlight: Visitors could not only examine the subwoofer, but also listen to it in the Live Sound Arena. For Stefan Rast, founder and managing director of SRV Distribution, a very good combination.

Just in the sound range it depends nevertheless not only on the optics, but above all on the sound. And so SRV Distribution was represented at the fair not only with its premium brand Voice Acoustic, but also with the two brands Mit TENNAX Audiotechnik Deutschland and BAGAX, with which the company expanded its business into the medium price segment.

TENNAX: Brand in the mid-price segment

TENNAX was founded by Stefan Rast during Corona in 2020 with the aim of covering a broader market. With its audio products in the mid-price segment and based on more than 20 years of expertise in the audio field, TENNAX Audiotechnik is dedicated to providing high-quality sound reinforcement systems at an unprecedented price-performance ratio. The product portfolio includes: individual loudspeakers, complete sound reinforcement systems, power amplifiers and digital loudspeaker management systems, among others, with innovative loudspeaker models continuously being added to the product range.

TENNAX loudspeakers, designed and manufactured in Germany, are not tied to any specific system electronics, leaving the user free to choose amplifier solutions. To ensure increased operational reliability and performance, TENNAX offers preset loudspeaker management systems and also supports the use of existing DSP amplifiers or loudspeaker management systems by providing filter settings.

Paveosub-121: the world's smallest and lightest 21" sub

The Voice-Acoustic Paveosub-121 sets new standards as a lightweight and compact 21" subwoofer that fits in a conventional 18" cabinet. With its innovative 21" neodymium driver, it produces impressively high and clear low frequency sound from a compact size. Its high-performance technology, including a long-throw chassis with four voice coils and a dual-gap drive structure, enables high efficiency and minimal heat loss, resulting in excellent amplifier energy conversion.

Paveosub-121 technology provides extremely symmetrical drive and minimal distortion, resulting in precise, powerful and faithful low-frequency reproduction. The generously sized bass reflex ports ensure maximum efficiency and suppress cabinet resonance, making the subwoofer robust and ideal for touring.

Despite its impressive performance, the Paveosub-121 is lightweight and compact. With a height of only 54 cm, a width and depth of 78 x 58 cm, and a weight that makes it the world's smallest and lightest 21" subwoofer, it can be seamlessly integrated into any environment and stacked in a small space. This compact design drastically reduces logistics costs and makes it extremely flexible for events of any size.

The Paveosub-121 features simple operation, with waterproof handles for easy handling and versatility - standing or lying down. It features a connector panel with Speakon jacks for parallel operation and a Crosslink OUT jack, making it easy to set up and wire large bass arrays.

Venia 8: a slim, powerful column

Alongside the Paveosub-121, visitors were able to examine and hear an unobtrusive, slim column: the Venia-8 from Voice Acoustic. The loudspeaker caused astonishment at the Live Sound Arena. In terms of design, the Venia-8 is rather inconspicuous. In contrast, it captivates with an impressive sound.

Voice Acoustic Venia-8

The 2-way bi-amping column line array loudspeaker is equipped with 4 x 8" drivers and 4 x 1" compression drivers, it features a unique vertical asymmetrical energy distribution of sound that ensures homogeneous sound distribution and even volume from front to back. Its ability to focus tweeter energy for longer distances and distribute it over a larger area at close range gives it a significant advantage over conventional line array systems, as it is easier and faster to set up and commission.

The Venia-8 impresses with its slim, elegant design and its high performance at relatively low weight. It is suitable for mobile applications and fixed installations and can be brought to height in a visually appealing way. In addition, it is extremely versatile, can be combined with any subwoofer and offers numerous application and installation options. Despite its high volume levels, it always remains relaxed and pleasant and meets the highest sonic requirements. It is bi-amped to two channels of the HDSP-6 amplifier, which allows for optimal filtering and compensation of delay differences.

International trade visitors

All in all, the exhibition was a success for SRV Distribution. Especially the international audience was attracted to the audio booth. In combination with the presentation at the Live Sound Arena, potential and existing partners got a suitable all-round package.

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