Osram’s Latest CHIP LED

Osram’s Ostar Stage family of stage lighting products is growing. Osram Opto Semiconductors has released a new improved four chip LED which can be operated at up to 2.5 Amps. That’s a big improvement over the previous generation, doubling output while keeping the chip and housing the same size. In practical terms, that makes it easy for lighting engineers to increase brightness on stage.

The 1mm2 RGBW chips use the latest thinfilm and UX:3 technology. But how exactly does the new generation LED increase brightness? “The higher current which is necessary for a higher output requires the thermal management of the Osram Ostar Stage to be adapted so that the heat generated in the chip can be removed as effectively as possible,” said Osram product marketing LED manager Wolfgang Schnabel. “At the same time, many features such as the package size and beam characteristics match the ones from previous versions. That way customers can stick to their existing optics, and the overall design of their lighting solutions.” So improved thermal management allows for increased output.

Osram’s Ostar Stage line is rated from 15W to 60W. That makes the range more flexible for customers while retaining most of the original parameters. It also means that in the years ahead, more powerful spotlights will be able to use the same number of LEDs as today’s versions, and models achieving current output will be able to do so with fewer diodes.

Osram is making the new high-performance LEDs available in volume from the first quarter of 2016. They should be ideal not just for stage lighting, but also for mood and architectural lighting, particularly effect and accent lighting.

source: OSRAM

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