Osram LED for Projectors

The new Osram LED achieves something that no other light source in a mainstream projector ever has: 2,500 lumen. Following on from the P3W, the Osram OSTAR Projection Power is another LED with chip technology and a new advanced mounting procedure. The monochrome Osram LEDs are available in green, blue and red.

Osram LED: The Next Generation

The LED catches the eye not just with its unique effects - the dimensions also speak for themselves. Following on from the P1W and the P2W, the Osram Ostar Projection Power is yet another compact light source, measuring 27x16x2.1mm. The latest X:3 and thin film chip technologies are used in the innovative P3W 01, and the mounting procedure also meets the highest standards. Previously, generating the same intensity as the P3W 01 would have been impossible. Pulsing at 36A, it can deliver a brightness of 11,000 in green, 4,500 in red and 33W in the blue version. It's designed to produce between 2,500 and 3,500 lumen in office projectors - the LED being the sole light source. According to Osram's Wolfgang Schnabel, LED projectors have increased in brightness by a factor of 100 in the past decade, and Osram are dedicated to making their chips, housings and systems ever better.

Big Things come in Small Packages

Producing such intense beams of light from such a small surface area is a unique achievement. A green, blue and a red LED are used in the projector as the light source, running in parallel and consisting of six 2mm chips each. An improved connection method to the heat sink improves waste heat transfer and increases maximum performance. Osram Ostar Projection Power LEDs convince with their compact and advanced design. They are already available to order and are set to go into series production by the end of January.

Source: Osram

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