Philips Strand 500ML Lights Up Karat

German rockers Karat set great store by the stage lighting for their acoustic tour. Getting the lighting right sets the mood and amplifies the performance and the stage spectacle. To ensure the lighting sets the scene in the right way, the lighting designer responsible for the "24 Karat" stage lighting for the group chose Philips new Strand 500ML lighting control console.

Karat have been working together with the events and studio technology specialists Adapoe on sound and lighting for many years. However, lighting designer Micha Kiefert decided it was time for something new for the group's acoustic tour - it was time to go with Philips new lighting control console. One of the distributors of the new console is Feiner Lichttechnik GmbH. They had already signed up to a support agreement at Prolight + Sound 2015, and initial preprogramming of the 500ML took place in July last year.

Kiefert contends that the 500ML packs much more of a punch than is apparent at first sight. For one thing, it's possible to control Arkaos Mediamaster and the visualiser via ArtNET. Kiefert also thinks that those familiar with conventional hybrid consoles, and who know how to use them, the new 500ML will pose no problem at all. He added that it was a good thing that Philips hadn't tried to "reinvent the wheel" - you could simply fire up the first Showfile without needing to read the manual from cover to cover beforehand.

The console can track a cue stack with go and pause as well as go+. It can also group several types of lamps with the corresponding setup of speed faders and masters. The console is built to a high-standard, with top-quality faders, encoders and switches. It's not just Philips tech that's on the equipment roster for the Karat acoustic tour. Karat are being put in the spotlight by four ROBE Robin 800 LED washes, four Martin Viper spots, six LC Power Bar 4s, and a number of other well-known lighting makes; all provided by Feiner Lichttechnik. For those in the market for a new lighting control console, Philips is a safe bet.

Source: Feiner Lichttechnik

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