Prize-winning Technology: GLP markets the Volkslicht Spot

LED Moving Head Volkslicht Spot“Let there be light” is the recurring theme at Prolight + Sound. In 2014, lighting technology will continue to develop, especially LED technology. At the Frankfurt Trade Fair, from March 12-15, 2013, the exhibitors will present their newest developments. Just like the GLP Light Products GmbH. The newest coup from GLP, for which Prolight visitors do not have to wait until the next fair, is the Volkslicht Spot. This moving head LED is reaching for the stars; it wants to top the success of its predecessor.

The Volkslicht Spot got its innovative and prize-winning technology from its older brother, the Spot One. However, in contrast to its predecessor, the new LED moving head is smaller, lighter and more affordable. It should have a huge career ahead of itself. Udo Künzler, Executive Director of GLP GmbH, also believes that prophecy. The Spot One has proved itself as a complete success in professional uses with long distances, such as concerts, TV shows, theatres and other large events. “We believe that the Volkslicht Spot, with the same technology, can be used at smaller events such as company events, trade fairs, theme parks, cruise ships and churches, and will be just as successful,” he says.

Not just its compact size and the affordable price, but also its high efficency and set beam angle of 15 degrees, a high-speed iris bezel, rotating prism and further technological intricacies will convince consumers to use the People’s Light Spot. Its 300 watt RGB LED create a clear GOBO projection, consistent illumination and progressive dimming.

Künzler says, “We are pleased that via the Volkslicht Spot, we will be able to make our cutting-edge LED technology available to a new set of venues and rental companies, who can maximize the performance by taking advantage of a full feature set, while at the same time enjoying the low maintenance and running costs of the fixture.” At Prolight + Sound you can see and touch the Volkslicht Spot.

Bildquelle: GLP

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