ROBE Robin supports Theater Münster

With 330 square metres of floor space and an indescribable ceiling over 5 metres high, the Kleines Haus auditorium in Theater Münster is the perfect venue for any kind of event. To complement this space, sound and lighting too must be perfect – and to get the lighting right, Theater Münster have chosen the latest gear from ROBE.

Rigged above the stage are fixed moving lights on a tubular shaft hoist, which light up the stage and fulfil the role of front lights. The spots need to be replaced after a certain usage period. The choice of replacement was not hard for lighting master Jörd Glashörster: Robin DL4F spots. Perhaps their most significant benefit is noiseless zooming, ventilation, and motion. These ROBE spots were designed with these qualities in mind, and although the budget for new equipment was tight, an assessment of the field of spotlight manufacturers only confirmed that they were the right choice.

Quality is Crucial for the Theatre

However, those aren’t these spots’ only qualities. As well as being almost silent in operation, the DL4F possess a top-quality colour mixing system that uses a single visible light source, making the effect much more impressive. This is an intentional design feature to avoid multi-coloured shadows. The spot also possesses a Fresnel lens. It can be put into a position visible to the audience since in comparison to other spotlights with multiple LEDs, the single-source DL4F can pull off colour changes. It also comes with a rotatable diaphragm and a CTO filter. With credentials like this, it looks like ROBE is going to be catching the eye of a lot of venues in need of a lighting upgrade.

Theater Münster

Theater Münster is a multi-arts venue, offering a space for theatre, musicals, dance, and symphony concerts. The theatre also puts on guest shows, lectures, exhibitions and readings. The theatre’s Kleines Haus venue, equipped with the DL4F, can seat around 280 people.

Source: By Brisbane (Own work) [GFDL (httpwww.gnu.orgcopyleftfdl.html) or CC BY-SA 3.0 (httpcreativecommons.orglicensesby-sa3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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