SGM G-1 Beam LED Moving Head

The powerful new G-1 Beam moving head from SGM is truly ground-breaking. The G-1 can be deployed outdoors with battery power and wireless DMX. With its true beam effect, crisp projection and gobo wheel, SGM are confident they’ve produced a class-leading moving head.

Customers have two choices: a version with or without a base unit. The version with the base unit offers greater flexibility since it can be used with up to three batteries, making it operable off the grid, with an expected battery life of 10-12 hours. The ‘standard’ version can be mounted onto ceilings or rigs.

Another advantage of the G-1 is its light weight: 8.9kg. It is also IP65 certified.

Moving head with perfect projection and true beam effect

Moving Head SGMThe G-1 Beam features a gobo wheel of 19 gobos with oscillation effect and two times open, and a colour wheel of 14 colours with open that add further dimensions and dynamics to this compact moving head. Numerous creative lighting designs – the intensive mid-air beam effect, for example – can be produced using the motor-drive focus. The head can also tilt at up to 240 degrees.

High-contrast and extremely bright lighting combinations can be produced using the white LEDs and the gobo wheel and colour wheel. The G-1 also offers gobo shake, split colour effects, and continuous clockwise and counter-clockwise pan rotation. The position preset programming is designed to make operating and programming the G-1 a simple job, with patent pending.

Source: SGM

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