SGM: “Releasing” The Q-8 in The Second Quarter of 2021 Felt Right

A single spotlight with two powerful strobes, a floodlight with high color rendering and a direct-vision blinder with pixel function: that's the new Q-8 spotlight from SGM. Like many other companies in the event industry, the Danish lighting manufacturer, has taken advantage of the forced downtime to push ahead with its own developments. At the same time, the past few months have left a strong sense of cohesion. In this interview, SGM talks about the new spotlight, the decision to launch it now and expectations for the coming months.

You recently launched the Q-8 headlamp, a very versatile lamp. What all can the headlamp be used for?

The Q-8 is a versatile and robust combination of flood, pixel, blinder and strobe with multiple control options in a housing that is also suitable for fixed installations thanks to IP66. The DualSource fixture combines the best features of SGM's classic Q-7, G-7 and P-6 fixtures and adds more features. We're talking about the combination of a 57,000 lumen strobe/blind with a 53,000 lumen studio-grade floodlight. As usual, the Q-8 is manufactured to the highest quality standards and offers, in addition to the area LEDs, two rows of white LEDs above and below the color LED areas.

The event industry has been hammered over the past two years. What were the reasons to launch the spotlight just now?

There were enough reasons not to launch the spotlight at the moment, we don't want to deny that at all. But when would have been a good time? It just felt right to "release" the Q-8 in the second quarter of 2021, and if you're always waiting for that one moment when circumstances are perfect, then you're waiting forever. We were not afraid of this particular task.

What are your expectations for the development of the industry in the coming weeks and months?

The demands of the market, both in the entertainment but also in the architecture sector will be even greater in the coming months and in order to better support the new start of the event industry after the pandemic and at the same time offer more service, our team is constantly expanding in the office as well as in the field. It was easy to see last summer, but as soon as it will be 100% possible again, everything in the industry will run at full speed, even overnight if necessary.

Many trade fairs have not taken place for two years. What significance do trade fairs have, because now still?

Trade shows are still a very valuable opportunity for us to get in touch with already known faces, as well as new. Because we had no face-to-face contact for a long time now, it is extremely exciting to see our competitors and to talk with them. We are very pleased that most of them have survived this difficult time and for us it feels like there is a stronger sense of cohesion due to the fact that the last 1 ½ years have shaped us similarly. In addition, we naturally want to show our customers that we have not been asleep during this time, but have continued to work on interesting innovations that we can now finally present to them "hands on" again.

We are optimistic about the future and assume that Prolight + Sound 2022 will take place. Are you currently planning to attend and if so, will there be any surprises?

We are similarly optimistic and happy to announce that we will be attending Prolight + Sound 2022. I think everyone who has ever been on the SGM stand in recent years agrees with me when I say that we are always good for a surprise or two. Especially after two years of forced break, we have some innovations in store that can't wait to be tried out.

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