New Special Area Silent Stage at Prolight + Sound 2017

This year visitors to Prolight + Sound 2017 can look forward to a new sound concept. The concept “Silent Stage” will be presented at a special area, where event technology professionals and musicians are invited to experience this innovative stage setup live.
Here visitors will be able to explore how the event technology from big-name manufacturers results in the sound experience.

The advantages of the Silent Stage concept

Even if the term seems paradox at first, it is based on a very special concept. The “Silent Stage” primarily aims to reduce the sound level on stage as much as possible. To this end, the organizers utilize amp simulations, isolation speakers, drum cages, as well as electronic music instruments. In this case the musicians hear themselves as well as the rest of the band members through an individually adjusted headphone mix. First of all, this way the sound from the PA doesn’t compete as much with the sound leaving the stage. In addition, individual signals aren’t put under too much stress. They can be cleanly separated in the mix. When implemented correctly, this way the visitors have a sound experience almost as good as with studio recordings.
This also has clear advantages for the musicians on the stage: they only have to deal with the sound in the in-ear monitoring system, which can be adjusted as needed. That not only beneficial for hearing of the band members.

The new special area in Hall 4.1

At the Silent Stage areas visitors initially only hear the music quietly via the PA. With the help of the surveillance terminal in front of the stage, visitors can put themselves in the shoes of the band and enjoy the differentiated sound. In addition, those who are interested can test the various in-ear and on-ear solutions from the participating companies. This makes the special area an attractive infotainment offer for visitors, but also represents a special platform for providers of in and on-ear monitoring.

This will make the special area “Silent Stage” a new draw in the Hall 4.1 Multimedia.

Discover this new experlebnis auf der Prolight + Sound 2017.

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