Spectacular Drone Show Over Budapest

On the occasion of Hungary's National Day on 20 August 2022, Concept Solutions GmbH has arranged an elaborate drone show with the label Drone Pixel. Every year, numerous events take place in Budapest to celebrate Hungary's more than one thousand years of existence. Among other things, there are concerts, art festivals and church celebrations. A highlight is always the big fireworks display over the Danube.

Austrian company designs drone show

This year, a new spectacle was added to the festivities. For the first time, an elaborate drone show was designed by the Viennese company Concept Solutions Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH.

Concept Solutions is one of Austria's largest companies in the field of event technology. From conference, sound, lighting and video technology to immersive audio systems, the company offers a complete package for almost all types and sizes of events. Together with the Chinese drone manufacturer EHang, Concept Solution has already been operating the Drone-Pixel label for three years, enabling the formation flight of many hundreds of drones.

800 drones take off together

At the drone show in Budapest, 800 drones took off for a joint choreography. At an event in China last year, as many as 3,000 drones took off simultaneously. A certain number of back-up drones still remain on the ground in waiting.

Image source: Concept Solutions GmbH


Still unique in Europe

While drone shows are already very popular in Asia, there are still few providers throughout Europe who can realise such unique shows on these scales.

Drone shows draw impressive moving pictures in the sky by means of a swarm of light show drones. The movements and light effects of the drones can also be complemented by musical accents. Compared to conventional fireworks, drone shows are much more sustainable, more precise in their presentation and, with a possible flight duration of more than 15 minutes, regularly longer.

Image source: Concept Solutions GmbH

Drone-Pixel was given the task of projecting various Hungarian symbols from Hungary's history into the sky. The technical as well as creative implementation was entirely up to the experts of the Viennese company.

As usual, the conversion of the image graphics into flight data is done with the help of proprietary systems. Currently, there are no common standards. In addition to the technical implementation, various official requirements, such as aeronautical approval, must be fulfilled in order to obtain permission for such an event. The realisation of the project took about three months.

Drone shows are always weather-dependent

In addition to the large number of drones and the flight over an inner-city area and a large water surface, another special feature was the weather. The planned programme had to be postponed for another week because thunderstorms were forecast.

A wide range of presentation possibilities

Even though drone shows are not yet so widespread in Germany and Europe, it can be said that a drone show has more extensive or at least many other possibilities for presenting visual content than, for example, traditional fireworks.

Drones are ideal for displaying company logos, symbols or writings in the sky without blowing fire, smoke and fine dust into the air. For the environment, this means that mountains of rubbish caused by non-reusable pyrotechnic material, nitrogen oxides, carcinogenic substances in the air, heavy metal pollution that can enter the groundwater and a volume of up to 150 decibels, which is comparable to the take-off of a jet, can be avoided.

Video recordings of the event are also excellently suited as information and advertising media afterwards.

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