SRS Adds UV-C-based Air Purifier to Its Portfolio

The ongoing corona pandemic has forced many companies to react to the changed market conditions. The demand for effective hygiene solutions for public spaces has increased dramatically in recent months. For this reason, the Slovakian manufacturer of event technology SRS Group has expanded its portfolio of industrial solutions with the product line SRS medilux.

Aggressive radiation for cleaning the air

SRS medilux UV-C lampSRS medilux PMX2A48 is a UV-C based air purifier. UV-C radiation is a short-wave, aggressive radiation which in the natural environment is largely absorbed by the atmosphere and hardly penetrates the earth. With the aid of UV-C lamps, this radiation can be used to reliably eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses.

To this end, the SRS medilux draws in ambient air by means of ventilation and directs it past UV-C lamps. The radiation from the lamps effectively kills viruses, bacteria and fungi. The purified air is then returned to the environment via further fans.

The SRS medilux can be installed upright or suspended from the ceiling or wall. In addition, they are very quiet and are therefore also suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

Enclosed construction and long service life

SRS medilux Hygiene Because UV-C radiation is so aggressive, people must never come into contact with it. That is why the SRS medilux air purifiers are all self-contained, so that no radiation can escape to the outside. They can therefore be installed safely in rooms where people are present. They are particularly suitable for rooms that cannot be ventilated or can only be ventilated with difficulty - for example windowless offices, meeting rooms or changing rooms.

The SRS medilux UV-C air purifiers, which are available in black and white, have a service life of approximately 8,000 hours. After this cycle, however, the lamps should be replaced for safety reasons, because the performance deteriorates after such a long time. A micro-controller monitors the life of the devices and actively indicates when the lamps need to be replaced. A tripod and ceiling mounting kit are available as options.

Device control via WiFi modules planned

The UV-C air purifiers are subject to continuous development. SRS, for example, has already announced the launch of two further models. These feature a WiFi module, enabling the unit to be controlled via an iOS and Andrord app.

In Germany the UV-C lamps are distributed exclusively by cast C. Adolph & RST Distribution GmbH. The distributor for professional lighting and stage technology has many years of experience in the distribution of internationally recognised brands. In addition, with its established own brands C.Adolph and fiRSTstage, cast is a manufacturer of comprehensive quality solutions for theatre and stage requirements.

Bratislava-based SRS Group focuses on the development and design of lighting and rigging equipment. In addition to dimmers, splitters, lighting consoles and DMX switching packages, SRS also develops and produces wired and wireless motor controls and other stage machinery equipment.

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