Survey On The Situation In The Events Industry – Participate Now

Fall / winter is not long away, it is time for the federal and state governments to adopt clear measures for dealing with the Corona pandemic.

Survey on the current situation in the industry

The Forum of the Event Industry, represented by the VPLT - the Association for Media and Event Technology e. V. has created a survey in preparation for upcoming talks with federal and state political representatives.

In order to get a better picture of the current situation of companies in the event industry, all companies active in the industry are invited to participate.

It is still possible to participate in the short survey until August 23, 2022. Participation only takes a few minutes, but makes a great contribution to the event industry.

Uniform and simple

Not only event organizers, but also visitors and authorities in the individual states need clarity, uniform regulations, as well as certainty and, most importantly, a perspective on how to proceed in the upcoming indoor concert season.

It is imperative that future capacity restrictions on events be ruled out, as this is the only way to prevent mass cancellations of concerts and events, and to spare the already struggling event industry a further setback.

Communicate all existing regulations and recommendations as uniformly as possible
Make rules as simple as possible, but binding
Planning security for event organizers
Acceptance by the general public.

“Corona Tests”

Corona tests continue to be an important instrument in the containment of the pandemic. Therefore, as a special regulation for the event industry - if prescribed for the visit of an event, these must be possible for visitors free of charge.

The use of "high quality" antigen tests, for example scientifically proven PCR tests must be permitted to exclude capacity-limiting measures.

Parameters for the individual risk levels

The Forum of the Event Industry calls for the inclusion of the Expert Council's recommendation:

"It is important to develop and apply uniform, clear and binding criteria of infection protection with gradual adaptation to hospital and CRITIS loads." according to the Expert Council

The protection of particularly vulnerable groups, the burden on the healthcare system and KRITIS must be the focus, they said. The 7-day incidence should no longer be a decisive criterion.

In the event of a new, more dangerous variant including overloading of the health care system, only then may further restrictions/bans on public events in connection with relief programs (including downtime and preparation costs) be implemented.


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