These tools are essential for event technicians

Event technicians go above and beyond, connect, program. They’re the brains behind technical conception and realization of events. This job is very diverse and simultaneously demands high dexterity.

Four Facts about Event Technicians

Event technicians need a great spectrum of skills for their job. What should be particularly appreciated: there’s no single day like another!

  • The Specialist
    Event technician is a acredited apprentice profession. A profession event technician in Germany goes through a three-year training program with a dual system in an apprentice placement and a training school. An intermediary and final exam has to be passed in order to successfully complete the program. All processes necessary for developing concepts for event technology systems, and procedures are acquired during the apprenticeship. In addition, apprentices learn how to plan the implementation of technical systems, install and operate them.
  • The Technician
    A part of an event technician’s tasks can already be found in the name. Setting up and operating technical systems is a part of the fundamental skills that event technicians possess. This must be supported by basic technical understanding and knowledge. What is rigging? Where do which spotlights have to be positioned in order to cast the stage in the best light? But the setting up of computers, configuration of user interfaces, positioning of cameras, the setting up of technical visual equipment, and the selection of microphones are also among the tasks of an event technician. All equipment has to be tested before the event – because nothing is worse than something going wrong during an event.
  • The Organizing Talent
    Technical know-how is a prerequisite for event technicians. At the same time, they have to be organizational talents. It’s not uncommon for dozens of spotlights, cameras, and LEDs to be used during large scale events like concerts, television shows, or live shows. Coordinating these requires advanced detailed planning and conception. Organizational skills are a must.
  • The Traveler without Vertigo
    Event technicians also need a fondness for travel. Although in larger cities there is the possibility of exercising your profession in one place, most event technicians tour with artists through various cities. That’s because they know best the idea behind the technology and are best equipped to efficiently set up and tear down without a hitch. Event technicians also shouldn’t be afraid of heights. It’s not uncommon to get far off the ground when installing spot lights or loud speakers.

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