TOA HX-7: Line-Array with Hidden Talents

Even if it can seem like a run-of-the-mill line array at first glance, the TOA HX-7 stands out from the competition in one point. With this model the four modules form a firm unit whose angles can still be varied. This means greatly differing sound possibilities be realised for various events, large and small.

TOA HX-7 - compact and yet flexible

toa-hx-7-frontansichtUpon purchase, the sound technicians can decide between two variants: the line array is available with four or eight modules. In this way, most of the application areas can be covered.

While the “4” model is planned for short distances, middle or larger differences can also be mastered by the “8” version. The angle of a 4-block can be adjusted between 0 and 45 degrees as needed. At the same time, such a block is already completely attached with cables, and from the outside only the port with 8 Ω nominal impedance is visible. At the same time, the TOA HX-7 scores points with a light weight of a mere 30 kg per 4-part module. Because the maximal length is capped at 8 elements, it mechanics are also unassuming and simple to handle.

The product is especially well-suited for permanent installations because all the parts are permanently connected. This distinguishes the line array greatly from other models, where the parts are attached with ball lock pins. With a sturdy plastic casing, the TOA HX-7 is robust and can even be selected in a waterproof variant. This is even splash-proof in keeping with IP standards.

TOA HX-7 scores points with these qualities:

  • variably adjustable sound angles
  • SYNC-Drive™ wave guide technology
  • consisting of four fixed modules (can be moved up to eight)
  • adjustable angle for projction in different spaces

This line array is distinguished especially by the diversity of use and variable installation possibilities. Whoever wants to learn more about the product can also watch a video on the TOA HX-7 application fields.


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