One Solution For All: Universe Control Of Devices

At Prolight + Sound 2023, you'll find all sorts of innovations and technological firsts. But a Nintendo Gameboy, which was first launched in Japan in 1989, has also crept into this year's trade fair. Is the fair going retro now? Not at all. The Gameboy look belongs to the web interface of Universe, a German-based company that provides software-based AV solutions.

Control of multiple devices

The Gameboy just shows how flexible the interface of Universe's software solution can be. Actually, the system is used to simplify the control of many devices. In doing so, customers can control the modular interface according to their needs, so that their employees can operate the application in a simple and straightforward way.

Universe was born for this very reason: Universe's founders were often faced with the challenge of operating many devices simultaneously at live events. Each device had its own protocols and controls. So the idea was born to operate numerous devices with only one solution, without having to run around at events to control all devices. Since the search for a suitable solution was unsuccessful, the Universe reasons had their own solution implemented - it is called UNIVERSE SHOW CONTROL.

Integration of different tools

In the meantime, the tool has become a fully comprehensive software-based AV solution that can be used to control devices universally. The system is particularly suitable for fixed installations in the event sector and can be operated via any device - either via a computer or web-based via smartphone or tablet.

In addition, various tools such as Zoom can be integrated. The goal is to create a customized, intuitive work flow for the employees that really only contains the functions that are needed. In addition to online conferencing, another focus is on the control of PTZ cameras, among other things.

"We wanted a solution for our customers that we could just put in their hands without requiring them to know all the devices," said Tim Kamenik, CPO at Universe.

With partners on the Future Walk

The solution - and how the Nintendo Gameboy should really be used - can be seen in Hall 11.0 at the Future Walk. Here, the company is presenting the future of AV technology together with a number of partners.

"This is really a nice thing to exhibit here with our partners," Kamenik said. "It's a way to show how our solution can be directly integrated. We're telling a story and showing what's possible."

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