Usage of Drones at Events – Part 1

The use of drones at events is no longer something unusual. In an exclusive multi-part series, we have pulled together six possibilities for how drones can be utilized at events.

1. Use of Drones: Photo Material

For most people the acquisition of truly impressive photo shots is probably the most natural connection to the use of drones at events. Naturally this is put to use by the managers of events. The use of drones facilitates a completely new perspective on the event. This has the advantage that the viewer often falls into an interactive role. That’s why drones are often used at various action sporting events – although there are no limits regarding the events, regardless of concerts or outdoor events!

2. Use of Drones: Attractions and Entertainment

There are so many ways to use drones! They not only fulfill a practical goal, but can also become true attractions in the sky. Controlled by specialized software, drones can even fly in choreography – but when they are even illuminated, or rather equipped with various LEDs, then this provides a magical sight for viewers. The following video shows such a sortie – the spectacular light show from Intel with hundreds of self-navigating, synchronized drones, which even received an place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Use of Drones: Location Preview

Who’s not familiar with it? You go to an event and want to check out the location in advance. However, there’s usually only a rough map available, which usually doesn’t reflect the current situation on location. Here, too, drones can be put to use in order to visualize the event location in advance. This also especially fitting at outdoor events because there are often sectors that are off the beaten path or simply hard to reach.
Discover more in part two of our series!

Drones are:

  • practical
  • multi-purpose
  • robust

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