Video and lighting designer Matt Finke: “I love technology”

Matt FinkeBeing able to show emotions at the push of a button, that is Matt Finke’s profession. For more than twenty years, he has been giving business events, concerts and other events the right visual structure. Video and lighting are his profession. The following words prove it, “To be able to see first hand how your own concept moves people is thrilling and wonderful!”

Finke works for such companies as Audi and SAP as well as for the artists Mando Diao and Katie Melua. How does he do it? Finke doesn’t know, “I haven’t bribed anyone,” he laughs. At Prolight + Sound 2013, the Marburger resident was honoured with the Opus Award for his creative work. The prize means a lot to him, “The nominations are done secretly; you don’t know anything is going on. That’s why I was very surprised and felt extremely honoured.”

He gathered his first experiences as a lighting designer when he was just 18 years old. He was allowed to experiment at Electro-Clubs, “From extremely dark to extremely bright, I could do whatever I wanted. It even went so far, that at one time we turned everything off for three minutes, including the theme lighting. Unimaginable today!”

Since then technology has changed a lot. “I am very happy about the developments and the progress,” Finke said. “I love technology in all spectrums - from a simple incandescent light bulb, up to and including the possibility of being able to incorporate the artist’s heart beat into the stage show.”

The customer has the highest priority. “It doesn’t matter if it is art or commercial, whether industry, rock and roll, theatre or television, at the end of the line there is always one recipient and you have to keep an eye on him. He is your customer!” He is always the audience who you have to thrill and affect. “Enjoy every moment in which that happens. It is a gift.”

Here are some impressions of Finke's work:


Mando Diao

Finke at work



Nature One


Matt Finke für MayDay

Finke's  light design


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