“We Never Stopped”: PRG Drive Innovation During Corona-Crisis

The events industry is fighting the effects of the Corona crisis with various means. Many companies are using existing resources and know-how to help people, companies and the event industry. One such example is PRG, the full-service provider for the equipment and implementation of events and productions.

Helping people with technology

During the pandemic, the company developed various products, not only to help people, but also to support the industry on its way through the crisis. Under the motto "We never stopped" PRG used its know-how, among other things, to fight Covid-19.

Power and technology for temporary hospitals

At the very beginning of the global impact of the pandemic, the company used equipment and technology to equip field hospitals. These included a temporary hospital in Berlin, which could accommodate patients with respiratory diseases. PRG supported the construction of the hospital with lighting, trusses and motors for suspension of lighting, gas and water pipes. The company also supplied the IT infrastructure and about 25 tons of cable for the basic supply of electricity to the beds.

Masks for first aiders

In the US, the New York-based PRG Scenie Technologies team worked with local suppliers to produce protective masks for healthcare workers. Within two weeks, about 300,000 first responders received protective masks to help those affected by Covid-19 without putting themselves at risk.

Of course, all this was done under strict hygiene conditions. To this end, PRG revised the work processes to comply with the guidelines and protect the health of the employees.

Livestreaming and digital studios

But also within the event industry PRG - like many others - has to deal with the effects of the pandemic. The biggest challenge: prohibition of live events.

The pandemic has driven digitalisation, especially in the event industry, and has thus placed new demands on live events and productions. In this context, PRG has further developed its streaming service and launched various products and platforms on the market.

With at-home kits, the company developed compact packages with streaming technologies for the home. In this way the own living room can be transformed into a small studio, which is also available in times of contact restrictions and lockdown.

xR-stage and immersive technologies

From this approach a streaming platform and a digital studio developed, which enables productions in professional quality. The company does not only use conventional broadcasting and live equipment, but also integrated immersive technologies to enable mixed and augmented reality.

The heart of the studio is the xR-Stage, where streaming events can be professionally realised. The mixed reality stage was the venue for this year's Wacken Festival, which was implemented as a virtual event due to the corona situation. Under the name "Wacken World Wide", metal fans could follow the metal spectacle live from 29 July to 1 August 2020. Afterwards all concerts of bands like "In Extremo", "Blind Guardian" or "Sabaton" were available for download.

PRG: We never stopped

Pictures: PRG

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