“Zähl dazu”: Crowdfounding enables launch of BIZLounge

Just in time for the Prolight + Sound BIZLounge on 13 April 2021, the largest ever study of the German events industry will be launched. With the aim of making clear to politicians the importance, size and diversity of the industry and thus motivating them to take action, the Interessengemeinschaft Veranstaltungswirtschaft e.V. (IGVW) launched the market study "Zähl dazu" in February. Thanks to numerous supporters of a crowdfunding campaign, the data collection can start in April.

Map for the relaunch

The comprehensive market study is intended to draw a map of the events industry that makes visible where the industry stands, with whom it cooperates, which markets it serves, how large the spheres of influence are and how many people depend on the industry. This creates a visible argument for successful political work. At the same time, this map serves as an orientation in its own market and beyond.

New beginning. The end of the crisis will not be marked by a return to normality. It will begin when we make a common perspective a reality.

With the help of the studies, different points of view can be made clear to politicians to enable the industry to make a new start:

  • Be comparable: The study should make the events industry comparable - within the industry, to other industries and in international comparison. This will be the basis for the future of the entire events industry.
  • More resilience through cooperation: The full braking in March 2020 has led to unexpected cooperations, to network expansions and to looking outside one's own sphere of influence. This togetherness makes for more resilience. The study's figures make it clear who really belongs to the industry and transforms a vague feeling into a self-confident statement.
  • Making the market tangible and strengthening the position: At the same time, it becomes clearly visible for every company and its employees, every solo self-employed person, every artist and cultural worker, every organisation, every association, where their own place is to be found on the map of the event industry. A value-free classification that allows an analysis of one's own strengths and the still existing potential.
  • With one voice: The advantage of this study is that it speaks with one voice to the outside world and highlights diversity internally. Business, politics and the country can see the events industry as a big whole, while the individual parts of the community have their say.

Count to it Alexander Pietschmann


The next steps: launch of the survey

The campaign was accompanied by five weeks of crowdfunding to raise 55,000 euros to finance the project. 50,200 euros were generated via the official platform. In addition, the IGVW received 6,510 euros in earmarked funding from companies, institutions and individuals, thus completely achieving the set goal.

The starting signal for the next phase of the study will begin on 13 April 2021 during the Prolight + Sound BIZLounge. In the course of the digital conference, the industry-wide online data collection commissioned by the IGVW will begin. The Technical University of Chemnitz and the R.I.F.E.L. Institute are supporting the project.

All players in the event industry can participate in the study until 31 May 2021. Entrepreneurs and employees, solo self-employed and mini-jobbers and volunteers from all areas of the event industry are called upon to participate in the study and thus create the map of the event industry.

The IGVW is counting on the growing community in the social media, on transparent communication, on a high level of willingness among the members of the IGVW associations and on the broad support shown in recent weeks by the various initiatives within the industry, such as the #Alarmstufe Rot e.V., the Forum Veranstaltungswirtschaft or the Initiative der Veranstaltungswirtschaft e.V..

Count to it Nicole Behr


Call to the industry: Count it!

The "Zähl dazu" study is explicitly addressed to all economic units in the industry. It does not matter whether only a part of one's activity can be attributed to the event industry, whether one provides a small share of one's own services or whether one is active in the sector under investigation on a sideline basis for a few days. For targeted assistance at the state and federal level and successful transformation processes, the event industry with all its particularities must be recorded as comprehensively as possible.

The results will be made available to anyone and everyone interested and will be the basis for further negotiations on aid programmes at federal and state level beyond 30 June 2021.

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