30 years of Adamson: 3 questions for the founder Brock Adamson

Brock Adamson

Thinking outside of the box is a well known English phrase. The Canadian audio manufacturer Adamson Systems Engineering has switched the motto and turned "outside" to "inside". Inside the box? One could think the company is not big on progress. However, the exact opposite is true. For the past thirty years the box with the biggest success is the Adamson profession.

During their Adamson's anniversary, the Prolight and Sound team spoke with founder Brock Adamson:

You have been a leader in the market for over 30 years. What is your secret for success?

Brock Adamson: SCIENCE OWES ITS DEBT TO THE IMAGINATION. We consistently go our own way. Our own technologies and our own production capacities in Ontario always put us in the comfortable position of being able to manufacture uncompromising products, and therefore we are able to succeed in the marketplace. The legendary T 21, a 21" subwoofer, was a first in the professional audio market and has had innumerable imitators. We are using the same strategy in the electronics field since we don't have to rely on inexpensive kits from subcontractors.

Which new products are coming out for the company's anniversary?

Brock Adamson: The worldwide extremely popular and award-winning Energia Series now includes the newly developed E12 line and the E218 bass system which are available for delivery. Since Prolight + Sound 2013, the everyday subwoofer A218 is available. It is the bridge product between the rental and the installation markets. It also refers back to this year's second trade fair focus, the presentation of the brand new Point Concentric Line. For installations and mobile solutions, the PC5, PC6, PC8, PC10 and PC12 offer flexible and effective tools for a multitude of high class and recurring sound system requirements.

Prolight + Sound: Speaking of the Prolight and Sound, what conclusions have you drawn from this year's convention?

Brock Adamson: 2013 in Frankfurt was the ideal place to celebrate Adamson's thirtieth anniversary. A record number of new products and tripling the number of visitors at our exhibit made the gala perfect.


Picture Source: Adamson Systems Engineering

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