A Feast for the Ears: QSC Expands AcousticPerformance Series

QSC’s AcousticPerformace range of speakers is growing, with the addition of two new models: the AP-4122m and the AP-212sw. The unique capabilities of both models make them the perfect fixed installation loudspeakers.

Travis Nie, QSC’s product manager for install loudspeakers explained why install speakers need to be so versatile: “Install loudspeakers are often required to perform multiple tasks. Having a product solution that can effectively meet these demands of different applications is invaluable. The new additions to the AcousticPerformance Series offer versatility without compromise. In addition, when you combine these new loudspeaker with the QSC PLD4.2 or CXD4.2 processing amplifiers, you create a very formidable yet cost effective package.”

QSC: Innovation & Technology

The AP-4122m is a 12” two-way coaxial system perfect for use as a monitor box with 40 and 60 degree wedge angles. Other features include a handhold, M10 fittings, and a pole cup. Fidelity is ensured by the DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) system that matches directionality and crossover to the natural conical performance of the woofer.

QSC believe the resulting sound quality to be truly excellent due to the resulting well-balanced level distribution. This combination of versatility and sound-quality makes the speaker a real winner.

In contrast, the AP-212sw is a dual 12” subwoofer which can be combined with any of the loudspeaker models from the AcousticPerformance range. Four handholds make it easily portable, and if that weren’t convenience enough, an additional kit allows it to be fitted with casters. It is also fitted with two M20 mounting plates, on top and on the side, as well as an input plate with NL4 connectors in a crossed configuration. The advantage here is that no custom turn cable is necessary, with a single NL4 cable providing adequate power for both sub and top. At 15”, the sub is also an optimal size for flexible mounting.

Source: QSC Audio

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