Area Four Industries Launches Competition For Young Talents And Professionals

Creatives and inventors in the events industry are currently in demand in a competition run by Area Four Industries. The international company, which is considered one of the leaders in the field of Event Engineered Support Structures, has launched a competition for young talents and professionals, awarding creative ideas from the event industry. The search is on for anything that inspires: from innovative technologies to tools or components that simplify workflows or make them safer. The winners will be honored at Prolight + Sound 2022.

A competition for all and prizes in two categories

All professionals or young talents from the industry who still have a creative idea lying dormant in their drawer can take part. There are no limits to the ideas and concepts, the main thing is that the idea inspires.

Prizes will be awarded to the best ideas in two categories. The main prize can win up to 6,000 euros and a collaboration with the global A4I design team. Young talents up to the age of 25 will also have the opportunity to work for A4I. The best ideas will be awarded at Prolight + Sound.

Applications and more information are available at

Norbert Tripp: “Our industry is incredibly creative”

Norbert Tripp, Technical Director of Area Four Industries

Norbert Tripp, Technical Director of Area Four Industries

Norbert Tripp, Technical Director of Area Four Industries, is coordinating the competition. He joined A4I in 2016 and has been working in the event industry since 2004. In this interview, he talks about the ideas being sought and why Prolight + Sound was chosen as the award venue.

1. You have announced a competition for young talents and professionals. What do participants have to do for it then?

It almost does not matter with what idea or concept you apply for the award. In a nutshell, I can say that we want to be inspired. Our enthusiasm can be triggered just as much by an ingenious idea that is merely sketched on a beer mat as by a product that is ready for series production.

The event industry is incredibly creative. There is, for example, the reciprocal relationship between artistically creative designs by lighting or stage set designers and the technicians who turn the designer's or artist's idea into reality. On the other hand, there are also technical developments that can provide new impulses. So this means that new technologies today make artistically impressive shows possible that were unimaginable in the past.

But we don't explicitly look at highly technological ideas. You can just as easily apply with an idea for a simple tool or component that simplifies work processes or makes them safer.

We hope and trust that the clever and creative minds in our industry have ideas that are worthy of finding their way into the light of day and into the general public through our competition.

2. How did you come up with the idea for the competition?

Area Four Industries brings together under its umbrella a broad portfolio of brands and product groups. We coordinate and manage the activities of our brands, acting as an "incubator" for ideas and strategies. Proximity to customers and users is of great interest to us in this regard, in order to drive the development of the event industry together with the users. So why not draw more strongly on the full potential by asking the industry to dig out the idea that may have been slumbering in the drawer for a long time?

3. Young talents get the chance to work for you. What awaits the winners then?

That depends entirely on the winner. We have deliberately separated the prize into two categories. It is not only that with the "A4I Prize" the best ideas with cash prizes of 6000 EUR for first, 3000 EUR for second and 1000 EUR for third place are awarded. We also deliberately want to award young technicians, designers, inventors and enthusiasts. Therefore, we have additionally offered the "Graduates Prize", which gives the best idea or its applicant aged up to 25 years the opportunity to work for us or with us. If it suits both sides, we offer to get to know each of our development sites in the Czech Republic, Italy or America during the first months.

Area Four Industries Competition

4. The award ceremony should take place at Prolight + Sound 2022. Why there of all places?

Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt has always been the most important trade show appearance in the calendar year for Area Four Industries. There are of course other presence dates in Europe, Asia and America. However, Prolight + Sound has the highest importance for us globally. In this respect, it is only logical to have the awards ceremony there as well.

5. Many trade fairs have not taken place for two years. What significance do trade fairs still have now?

Our industry lives from the fact that people meet. And it does not matter whether it is a concert, a theater performance or just a trade fair. And of course, this principle also applies to our own industry. Our business is based on customer relationships. And part of a relationship is meeting in person. Even if various online formats have developed in the meantime, the real trade show remains indispensable for us.

6. We are optimistic about the future and assume that Prolight + Sound 2022 will take place. Are you currently planning to participate and if so, will there be any surprises?

Of course, we are planning our participation in Frankfurt, just as we did in 2020 and 2021. The concept, which can already be called a surprise, is literally waiting to be presented. And of course we will also come up with new product ideas, which may be called a surprise. But I won't reveal too much about that, otherwise it won't be a surprise anymore.

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