Opus And Sinus Award Ceremony

On Thursday evening, the winners of the Opus and Sinus Awards were honored at Prolight + Sound 2022.

Opus Award presented to 2 winners

The Opus Award has been an integral part of the Prolight + Sound supporting program for years. This year, two projects will be honored with the "Opus - German Stage Award". The winners this year could not be more different, but both have creatively dealt with the challenges of the Corona crisis in their own way.

The first winner of the Opus is the "Dionysos Stadt Open Air", which in the summer of 2021, with a lot of courage and an impressive backdrop, made art and cultural experiences possible for a larger audience while adhering to all restrictions.

New technical territory was entered by the creators of the project "Woodkid @ ZDF Magazin Royal", who made a virtue out of necessity and created a completely new augmented reality experience. This extraordinary TV event was awarded the newly created "Opus AVantgard" by the jury. This award honors work away from the classic stage performance that depicts current technological or staging trends in a forward-looking way.

Sinus Award winner: Bassins de Lumières

The "Sinus- Systems Integration Award" has been honoring the most promising system integration solutions in the field of AV media technology for over a decade. The prizes are awarded in annually changing categories. This year's award is for particularly creative and artistic achievements and solutions in the use of technology in audiovisual installations: the "Bassins de Lumières".

In Bordeaux, France, the Parisian art collective "Culturespaces" has created the "Bassins de Lumières," the largest digital art center in the world.

In June 2020, the technically complex installation opened on the site of a former submarine base. To the sound of music, visitors immerse themselves in a colorful world of colors and images and discover the works of the most important artists in art history and contemporary art in various digital exhibitions.

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